Where our customers are unable to understand regular spoken or written English, and there is a need, a translation, interpreter, transcription can be arranged. We can also translate documents into English.

The three main requests are:

Written translations – both foreign language to English and English to foreign languages. Typically foreign documents such as birth and marriage certificates into English when needed to verify a customer’s status. English to foreign is an on-request service, where there is a need. This is usually on the request of a council officer. We do not provide information in any foreign language without a specific request.

Audio transcriptions are most commonly used for application forms, council tax bills and our council news magazine. As audio technology is a fast moving industry, there are often new methods we can supply audio formats in, such as CD, MP3 clip or USB stick. We will provide the information in the format that the customer wants. However, where we are doing multiple copies of the same document, such as the council news magazine, it is cost effective to keep all copies to the same format. BSL is a recognised language and used mainly by people who are profoundly deaf from an early age, and use BSL as their first language. BSL interpreters can be booked to work in the same conditions as foreign language interpreters

Foreign language interpreters – for meetings involving council officers and non-English speaking customers. In addition, where there is a cultural need, it is acceptable to book an interpreter of a specific sex. Interpreters can also be booked to attend meetings outside council premises.

If you would like to book a service, please complete this form and ensure you have the details required, in particular an idea of which date/s you have in mind.